Choose The Best Diamond to Your Wedding Ring

Wedding ring- Wedding event is the most important in everyone. Many people decide to get the best thing in their wedding. From all the important things, prepare for the wedding ring can be the most important one. There are many selection choices to ring that will catch your eyes. But, you should know that you will use them forever in your life. You should consider the shape, design, and also material. Wedding ring with the gemstone will be the common design that chosen by many people. The gemstone can be from diamond.


There are many selection diamonds in the world to consider. Here are some good information about the famous diamond for wedding ring in the world:

  1. The orlov diamond

If you like historical item, the orlov diamond will be suitable to your wedding ring. Depend on the story, orlov diamond has stolen from India from the eye statute of Sri Ranganathaswamy, but now the diamond is famous as the Gregory orlov diamond. There are some legend around the orlov diamond. If you want give the classical and historical diamond, the orlov diamond is the best choice.

  1. Hope diamond

Depend on its name, the hope diamond is the symbol of wish between the bride and groom. That diamond is owned by Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. This diamond is also around by many tragedies. It has been exist since when the French revolution.

  1. Kooh-I-Noor diamond

Kooh-I-Noor can be said as the mountain of light. It is the classic wedding ring that will make your moment will not be forgotten by your spouse. Kooh-I-Noor is famous within the British crown jewel in 1304. But, it is be found in India since the Murghal Empire.

The information above is about the famous diamond in the world that you need to know to give you a little inspiration of wedding ring. There are many kinds of diamond that you can choose in the stores.

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